A laptop is an digital system that manipulates data, or information. It has the flexibility to retailer, retrieve, and course of information. You could already know that you should use a pc to sort paperwork, ship electronic mail, play video games, and browse the Web. You can even use it to edit or create spreadsheets, shows, and even movies.

Hardware vs. software

Before we speak about several types of computer systems, let’s discuss two issues all computer systems have in widespread: hardware and software program.

  • Hardware is any a part of your laptop that has a bodily construction, such because the keyboard or mouse. It additionally contains the entire laptop‘s inner components, which you’ll see within the picture beneath.
  • Software is any set of directions that tells the {hardware} what to do and tips on how to do it. Examples of software program embody net browsers, video games, and phrase processors. Below, you may see a picture of Microsoft PowerPoint, which is used to create shows.

Everything you do in your laptop will depend on each {hardware} and software program. For instance, proper now you could be viewing this lesson in a net browser (software program) and utilizing your mouse ({hardware}) to click on from web page to web page. As you study several types of computer systems, ask your self in regards to the variations of their {hardware}. As you progress by way of this tutorial, you will see that several types of computer systems additionally usually use several types of software program.

What are the several types of computer systems?

When most individuals hear the phrase laptop, they consider a private laptop resembling a desktop or laptop computer. However, computer systems are available in many styles and sizes, and so they carry out many alternative capabilities in our day by day lives. When you withdraw money from an ATM, scan groceries on the retailer, or use a calculator, you are utilizing a kind of laptop.

Desktop computer systems

Many individuals use desktop computer systems at work, house, and college. Desktop computer systems are designed to be positioned on a desk, and so they‘re sometimes made up of some totally different components, together with the laptop case, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Laptop computer systems

The second sort of laptop you could be accustomed to is a laptop computer laptop, generally referred to as a laptop computer. Laptops are battery-powered computer systems which might be extra moveable than desktops, permitting you to make use of them virtually wherever.

Tablet computer systems

Tablet computer systems—or tablets—are handheld computer systems which might be much more moveable than laptops. Instead of a keyboard and mouse, tablets use a touch-sensitive display for typing and navigation. The iPad is an instance of a pill.


A server is a pc that serves up data to different computer systems on a community. For instance, everytime you use the Internet, you are one thing that is saved on a server. Many companies additionally use native file servers to retailer and share information internally.


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